SBA approved! Profitable, established FedEx Ground operation, Reno, NV


$ 925,000

$ 936,087

$ 275,000




Business Description

Highly profitable, well-established FedEx Ground CSA for sale! This operation is 100% turnkey ready and is ran by a FedEx veteran. ISP transition is completed, a manager is in place. Grossed $936,087.00 EBITDA $275,000.00 The trucks will come free and clear with the business, a value of $364,000.00

SBA approved! Buyers would need to show $185,000.00 down in proof of funding.
Amortized over 10 years.
Estimated monthly payment: $10,142.00

Interested parties must submit proof of funds and sign an NDA to gain additional information. We have SBA lenders available for well-qualified Buyers.

Detailed Information

November 16, 2017
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