FedEx Ground routes nets $151k per year!

South Carolina

$ 800,000

$ 821,998

$ 151,625




Business Description

If you have been looking for a well ran FedEx operation look no further! This business consists of a hands-on manager that oversees the day to day operations and a staff of seasoned drivers. The routes serve the greater Columbia, SC area and are within a short driving distance of the hub.
New ISP contract is worth $1,032,000.00.

2018 Gross revenue: $821, 998.00
2017 Gross revenue: $577,520.00
2016 Gross revenue: $411,025.00

The business nets $151,625.00 after all expenses are paid for. Trucks would come free and clear at closing worth $147,000.00. SBA approved with $160k down!

Detailed Information

January 1, 1970
South Carolina
$ 0
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