FedEx Ground line haul nets $365k per year!

North Carolina

$ 1,200,000

$ 1,204,709

$ 365,315




Business Description

3 FedEx Ground linehaul runs based out of NC. 2 assigned runs, 1 unassigned run. Grossed over $1.2 million in 2017 and nets $365k after all expenses are paid. 4 trucks come free and clear at closing worth over $269,000.00. Average weekly mileage 15,000+ SBA approved with only 20% down.

10-year term
No prepayment penalties
Borrower injection of approximately $210,000.00
SBA loan to be $1,075,000.00 at Prime + 2.75%, adjusted quarterly, (8.25% initial rate)
Estimated monthly loan payment $13,257.00

Principals only! Seller request that all Buyers furnish proof of funds and have a signed NDA in place prior to any additional information being released. Please ask for Adam or Megan Armstrong.

Detailed Information

February 5, 2019
North Carolina
$ 0
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